Historic Preservation Grant Program

(program currently suspended)

Purpose of echna historic preservation Grant Program

Eligibility Requirements

An owner or tenant of a property located within one of the National Register Historic Districts within the City of Elizabeth City may apply.

Tenants must submit owner's written permission with application.

Use of Grant funds

Awards available


  1. The City of Elizabeth City Historic District and/or the Secretary of Interior's standards for rehabilitation shall be used.
  2. Plans shall respect and reflect the architectural integrity of the entire
    building and the neighboring streetscape.
  3. Renovations shall conform to all applicable building codes of the City of Elizabeth City.
  4. ECHNA reserves the right to withhold approval of grant application if color,
    design, sign design or other facade component is not deemed appropriate to
    the historic integrity of the structure and/ or the District as a whole.


  1. A pplications must be approved before work begins. Completed projects are not eligible for grants.
  2. If required, application must be reviewed and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission or Zoning Administrator, and a Certificate of Appropriateness must be obtained from the City of Elizabeth City and filed with ECHNA.
  3. If required, application must be reviewed by City Building Inspector for code
  4. Upon completion, copies of applicant's cancelled checks and contractor's paid
    statements must be submitted to receive reimbursement.
  5. Renovations must be completed within twelve months of project approval unless prior extension is granted.

Application Process

  1. Schedule pre-application meeting with ECHNA Grant Committee.
  2. Complete application, determine project plan and color scheme, and gather photos and samples for project.
  3. Applicant reviews application with City Building Inspector for code compliance.
  4. Applicant reviews application with Historic District Planner for compliance
    with Historic District Guidelines.
  5. A pplication is submitted with all other necessary information (see criteria) to
  6. ECHNA Grant Committee reviews application. A recommendation is
    presented to the ECHNA Board Of Directors. Board approves or denies, or
    approves conditionally.
  7. ECHNA notifies applicant of Board action.
  8. Applicant may begin work.
  9. Upon completion of work, copies of applicant's cancelled checks and
    contractor's paid statements must be sent to ECHNA.
  10. ECHNA Grant Committee inspects work and determines completion. If so, grant is awarded.
  11. ECHNA Treasurer issues check to applicant within 30 days.

Contact Information

Elizabeth City Historic
Neighborhood Association
PO Box 247
Elizabeth City, NC 27909
Elizabeth City Planning Department 252-337-6672
Elizabeth City Inspections Department 252-337-6868

Download Application (pdf)